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Volume Extensions

Volume sets use “fan” lash extensions. This means that each extension has a “base,” which is used to attach to your natural lash and out of this “base,” 3-5 tiny lash extensions fan out. Volume sets are suitable for creating a dark, full and fluffy eyelash look. Volume sets are good for a big event or those looking to keep that va-va-voom look going all day long.  With Volume lash extensions we ca create a light look 3D fans or more glamorous using 10D fans.  Spikey Kim K Set , Eyeliner Effect Set, Colored lash extensions can all be created using Volume Lashes.

Hybrid Extensions

Hybrid sets are exactly how they sound – a mix (hybrid) of classic and volume all in one beautiful lash package. Hybrid sets have every other natural lash attached to a classic 1:1 ratio extension while the remaining natural lashes will be attached to a “fan” lash. Hybrid sets are unique in that they allow for more flexibility in building shape easily.

Classic Extensions

Classic sets are applied individually on a 1:1 ratio. This means that the lash extension that is used is one single extension placed onto one natural eyelash. Classic sets are suitable for a subtle and natural eyelash look. This type of set is beneficial for providing length and shape to your eyelashes. Classic sets serve as an excellent introduction to eyelash extensions for beginners.

Semi-Permanent Brows

Lash Lift